A Lesson Study as a Development Model of Professional Teachers

An effort of improving educators’ qualification takes such factors as teachers’ intention, students, methods, strategy, media, facilities, library, laboratory, surrounding and management, and development models. The improvement in teacher’s learning quality with collaborative model at every education level will take an impact on learning quality. So, it is expected that it will improve students’ academic achievement and ultimately result in the improvement in the Indonesian education quality where this quality is lower than other countries’ one.

According to Subadi (2009: 19), of the 146,052 Primary Schools in Indonesia, there are only 8 schools to be accepted as a world level in the Primary Years Program (PYP). Of the 20,918 Junior High Schools and 8,036 Senior High Schools, there are only 8 and 7 schools to be accepted as a world level in the Middle Years Program (MYP) and the Diploma Program (DP), respectively. In reference to the data of the 2002-2003 teachers qualification, the reasonable teachers for the students of Primary Schools, Junior High Schools, Senior High Schools, and Vocational Schools amounted to 21,07% (state teachers) and 28,94% (private teachers), 54,12% (state teachers) and 60,09% (private teachers), 65,29% (state teachers) and 64,73% (private teachers), and 55,49% (state teachers) and 58,26% (private teachers), respectively.

The low educational quality indicates that there are problems in Indonesian educational system, including educational paradigm as a basis of whole educational system, development model of teachers and learning strategy, and practical aspects of education such as cost, facilities, and teachers’ welfare. In response to the low quality, the government passes the Act of the Republic of Indonesia No. 14/2005 about Teachers and Lecturers. The Act stipulates an implementation of educational system and development of teachers and lecturers in order to be professional. A teacher or lecturer to be professional must meet academic qualifications, have an educational certificate, and be competent; and consequently he or she will get a high reward.

Apart from the Act, as a development model of teachers the lesson study in Japan can also be useful as a model in Indonesia. In this study, the lesson study is a development model of teachers as a process of teachers training in circle and continuity beginning with teachers in collaboration with other teachers for plan, action, and reflection.

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(Author: Tjipto Subadi, Rita Pramujiyanti Khotimah, Sri Sutarni

Published by Macrothink Institute)