The Rehabilitation of the Widows in Pattani Province, Thailand

In the past nine years, the violence situation has spiked in the Deep South (Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat Provinces) and parts of Songkla Province (Nathawi, Sabayoi. Chana and Thepa districts). Since January, 2004, the violence situation is occurred in these provinces, more than 3,000 people have died and more than 5,000 have been injured. More than 7,000 children in the area have been orphaned by the conflict. It is higher than tsunami orphans, Watanayagornkorn Panitan said and Jitpiromsri Srisompob views that November is always the month that violent peak (Jagan, 2008).

The government has the policy for rehabilitating the people affected the violence situation and in 2012, the government supports the Southern Border Province Administrative Center for rehabilitating them 2,080 baht (Prime Minister Secretariat, 2012).

Ministry Social Development and Human Security found that the ongoing violence in the last eight years, since January 2004 – March 2012. The widows are affected by the violence situation 2,450 people. There were classified as Narathiwat 787, Yala 689 and Pattani 898 and Songkla 76 (The Mental Health Center, District 15). In the Deep South, the loan mother faced the economic hardship psychological and mental health and the quality of life get worst and some of them never have worked. (Deep South Watch, 2009).

Pattani is one of the four provinces of Thailand where the majority of the population are Malay Muslim, making up 88% of the population. They speak the Pattani Malay language, although many can also speak Thai. The Pattani Malays are very similar in ethnicity and culture to the Malays of Kelantan, Malaysia.

Mrs. Jamjuree Soraya, the training for Peace and chairman of the working group from Prince of Songkla University. She views that the rehabilitation is the Peace for reducing the violence in the future and Mrs. Pokkeetaedaoh Pateemah, the Director of woman for Peace or “We Peace”. She is also expressed the confidence in the power of rehabilitation. The Rehabilitation Work, for people affected by the violence situation. It must have the power to rise up and fight the problem with themselves. That is the capacity to achieve people in the region and the Civil society is the part of resolving that is occurred. The Echoes of family loss and thus Civil Society groups are encouraged and empower to talk the people affected by the violence situation and can make them stand with themselves.

The Deep South Coordination Center has the big role for rehabilitating the people affected the violence in the Deep South. In 2006, the Deep South Watch Coordination Center discovered since the violence starting in 2004, there had been some 310 widows affected by the violence. Because of the psychological and mental illness and economic hardship these women are faced. The center empowers and encourages them and learns to help them sustainable.(South Coordination Center, 2012 ) and the Center has also been working with children who affected by the violence, specifically in Pattani province and in 2008, it provides rehabilitation for children and collaborative with the Mental Health and assist 72 children and Dr. Guning Metta, the Deep South Coordination Center views that:

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(Author: Kanlaya Daraha

Published by Macrothink Institute)